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Hi there and welcome to NCO Diario, a news portal about Argentina in English for anyone who wants to learn about what is going on in this great country, first hand from an American expat. Argentina has been my home since 2013 now, and I love it here. I’m Dennis by the way, and I teach English in a private school in Buenos Aires. I teach English to elementary school kids, and in my spare time I run, ride my bike, fly my HD camera drone at the beach for some nice pics of the ocean, and I play video games. Nothing special really, but I love the life that I’ve made for myself here. Everyone kept asking me to report back on how living in Argentina is, so I made this “news portal” in order to report back on everything that goes on in Argentina, that I think is worth talking about.

People seem to be afraid about living in Argentina, because they think it’s full of violence and theft like in some other places in South America. Truth is that it’s not that bad. Yes, there are pickpockets in tourist areas, various scams like when scammers try to pass on counterfeit pesos as real, or occasional violent demonstration, but those things, except the last one, happen anywhere. I’m talking about Buenos Aires here. As you spend more time in Argentina you get used to these things, and living here is no different to living in many cities in the United States. I even left my expensive HD camera drone at the beach one time, in a bag, and I found it a couple of hours later when I came back looking for it. So it’s pretty safe, but be careful, it’s still a foreign city that you’re in.

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Living and working in Buenos Aires

So as I already mentioned, I came to live in Buenos Aires back in 2013. This is something that has always been a dream of mine and after graduating college with a bachelors degree in English and not being able to find a decent job back in my home state of Philadelphia, I looked up teaching jobs in Argentina, and came to Buenos Aires about 6 months after that. After a couple of months of an adjustment period and getting comfortable with Spanish, I finally came into my own. School that I work for arranged my accommodation and the plane ticket, so I just needed to show up at the airport with my things.

Living in Argentina is pretty amazing. One thing that I never realized is how big Argentina is. It’s the 8th largest country in the world. There’s a lot of land to explore, but I mostly keep to Buenos Aires and the neighbouring cities like Avellaneda, Lanus, Remedios, and several others by now. I plan on taking my drone on a ride to the north of the country, in Jujuy and Salta provinces to explore the desert and arid places there. I’ve put up a request for a vacation, and the plan is to rent a car and drive up there with my friend Rebbecca. She was already up there a couple of times, so she’ll be my guide. She suggested that we take a car up there, to soak in the countryside better. Well I hope you find useful info here on the website. I’ll try to post news important for expats, like immigration, Argentina living tips, etc. Stay tuned.