Dennis Hill

Comandante Izarduy, 66

08930 Buenos Aires

Phone: 719 852 780

My name is Dennis Hill and I’m the person behind this website. I’ve been living and working in Argentina, Buenos Aires to be more precise, for a couple of years now, since 2013. I work as a English teacher in an elementary school and I love it. Coming here was a great opportunity for me to do something that I always wanted to do, visit Buenos Aires and at the same time, make a living by using what I learned in college. Most job prospects back home in states weren’t as good as what I was offered here in Argentina.

I’d like to see more people come to this great country, working and enjoying in the exquisite culture, beautiful beaches, breathtaking nature and everything else in between. My website here is something like an expat news portal for reporting on all the things that expats living in Argentina should know. There’s a lot that I’ve learned over the years and I’d like to share with others who are just now starting their adventures in Argentina. If you have any kind of questions you can either write me or send me a message. I’m here to help you out with any kind of questions that you might have. I hope you like my website and that you come write me soon.